August 2, 2005

The poison known as Tide

When you have a baby -- you freak out about every little thing.... even to go so far as to baby-proof a house for a baby who can't move more than an inch in any direction

Now, I'd like to think that I've been a bit more rational than most new mothers.... yes, at the pediatrician's suggestion I did keep my preemie son away from other small children until he'd gotten a bit bigger -- mostly to protect him from their germs -- but, I didn't make visitors wear masks & gloves, and I have let friends & family hold him.

I did, however, fall into the trap of believing that all his tiny little clothes needed to be washed in the special baby-safe detergent -- as if clothes washed in Tide alongside our clothes would cause him irreparable damage.....

Do you have any idea how much stuff it takes to get a full load of clothes that small???? on the bright side, my child is a genius when it comes to getting the stuff that comes out of his body all over his clothes, his sheets, his blankets.... any fabric that is in close range ends up covered in pee, poop, spit-up.... and the "mystery wet" that is either sweat or some form of the previously mentioned substances.....we just can't always tell or differentiate

In any event, I'll probably continue the madness of baby-segregated laundry -- at least until I've gone through the gigantic jug of Dreft that I bought at BJs -- the rational part (okay, the cheap part) of me can't let it go to waste.... but if there is a 'Lil Dubya #2, I'm not sure we will bother investing in the Dreft


Kara said...

dude- you are so not a bad mom. speaking of eyebrows, sometimes i pluck maggie's unibrow. now that, my friend, is what bad mothers do.
i kept a calendar over maggie's changing table for her 1st year of life and there i recorded stuff like her belly button stump falling off and cutting her first tooth- a classic bad mother moment. who KNEW that child could roll?
see you on saturday, btw! can't wait!

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