August 29, 2005

The Water Boy

Well, not really......

Some guy from the town stopped by today.... wanted to install some new water meter.... yeah, whatever. He needed to get into the basement, then do some stuff outside.... okay, sounds reasonable... he had a uniform.... I let him in.

So, the guy hears 'Lil Dubya melting down over the baby monitor.... the Big Dubya and I are practicing some tough love.... trying to get the little guy to nap.... child does not sleep, gets overtired/overstimulated, gets bloody miserable, pile on some more sleeplessness, more bloody miserable..... the cycle repeats itself until the child is so exhausted that he doesn't even cry he just screams and it actually sounds like words not nice words by the way.... 4 letter words.

By the time the Big Dubya gets home from work I need such a large glass of wine that I think he's very close to arriving home with a one-way-ticket to the Betty Ford Center.

The water guy announces that his wife is 10 weeks pregnant and that her pre-natal vitamins were making her sick..... he's so glad she figured out what it was.... now everything's just rosy. I wanted to wring this guy's scrawny little neck... I went through 20 weeks of all-day-sickness, toxemia, HELLP syndrome, an emergency c-section and now colic and he's trying to sympathize with the nausea associated with pre-natal vitamins!!!!

Do what you need buster, and get the f*ck out of my house! I'm not in the mood


funkysmell said...

Boy life is depressing

Kara said...

oh honey, the kid's probably not even his. you just have your wine and don't give that bad man another thought.

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